Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Too Hot for TV?

Too hot for TV?

As you may or may not know by now, I am the proud father of two boys. Alex is 6 and Mark Jr. is almost a year old. I get to watch all of the really cool kids programming out there when we watch TV. So this morning, much like any other morning, while I went to take a shower, I set Marco and Alex up to watch Sesame Street. It is a good wholesome program that they learn while watching. It is a little below Alex’s level, but he’ll watch it, and Marco loves any segment with Elmo in it. As you may or may not know Sesame Street often has celebrities on to host small segments. I think it is supposed to help appease the adults that are forced into watching this stuff with their kids. Much like the adult humor in today’s Pixar movies. It just so happens that today’s (that term being relative when it comes to this program as the cut and paste in segments like crazy so this could have been several years old) guest celebrity is Jenny McCarthy. I am not really some stuck up prude of a guy and my kids have no real idea (at least I think they don’t Alex is a player), but she was Playboy’s Playmate of the year for 1994, and has appeared in the magazine nude several times since then. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciated her “sharing”, and it was interesting to see her again on TV with her clothes on, but… It is weird to watch a kid’s preschool program with your children and be turned on. There I said it, I know it was the elephant in the room, alb eight a short trunked little guy, but I was excited at seeing Jenny McCarthy on this kids program. All I could think about was her centerfold poses, and how well everything seemed to move as she jumped around. Now I feel guilty, which I normally never do in this type of situation, but it is an uncomfortable feeling. It would be like Alex bringing home his 18-year-old girlfriend and thinking she’s hot. Only it was worse because I have seen this girl NAKED! Like I said it may be one of those things where I am sort of over analyzing this, but it seems to me that Sesame Street is either trying to attract a more male audience, or they slipped up a little on hiring a Playmate to host. Just a thought.

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Mike Wood said...

No way! She's more than just a former Playmate of the Year! Jenny McCarthy is a HUGELY active celebrity spokesperson for children's autism, not to mention a very accomplished film actress ("Baseketball" anyone?) and TV personality ("Singled Out" anyone? "MTV's Spring Break", anyone?). She's also graced the cover of one or two Rolling Stone magazines!

Just because she got her start doing something that can easily be considered the classiest of smut, that doesn't mean she hasn't gone on to do some other great things with her clothes on. Her personality speaks volumes over her perfect, busty, bouncy, smooth, supple-yet-firm, toned, tanned....

...sorry, I forget what I was saying.

Anyway, don't get upset over being aroused by Jenny on Sesame Street. Remember the Pink Power Ranger? Or Miss Yvonne on Pee-Wee's Playhouse? And that Dora The Explorer is a freakin' HOTTIE! (Okay, none of those were THAT hot, but... whatever.)