Friday, February 8, 2008


We all have to start somewhere, so I guess I'll start here. I am sure that at some point that I will have to delete this one as it will probably make no sense to me at all later. I haven't really been a blogger before, but I have been a great complainer, whiner, bar room philospher, and all other sorts of "occupations" that should qualify myself to at least some extent. My goal is to vent, whine, ask, share, and maybe even force my ideals on some ususpecting bloggers. I really tend to have no foundation for my ideals and speak in generalities. I may even propose a point of view just because it is counter to what I have heard everyone else saying. No I am not someone famous, and really in my line of work will probably not end up there. If I do one day become more famous, then rest assured that this and any traces of it will be scrubbed clean to fit my celebrity persona (as is true of all celebrities).
Let's take you through the past couple of years to give you some background on me. I am from the Bay Area in California (and for those of you from Southern California, I mean the REAL Bay Area). I grew up in a nice quiet suburban town, notreally too far from some major cities, but then again far enough away too. Normal childhood. I went to the Suicide Middle School, whose name I shan't mention. And struggled to discover my true self while fitting in in High School. As an aside, teh best thing about a forum such as this as to look back on all of our absolutes and see how different we have become as decades pass. I tried teh whole Student Government thing in High School, but not really. I was just enough in it to be ostracized by the masses, but not far enough in it to become accepted by the "elite". I had then sort of formed my anit-Student Government group, which really sat around and whined about everything without using the vehicle for change that I was actually part of. Eventually, like everyone else, I conformed (only slightly).
I then spent 1 of the longest years of my life in community college. I know that it is for some, but it was definately not for me. No focus, no structure, no real party or social scene, and really nobody interesting. Well, that's not really fair, there were some characters. I did take a fencing calss after all. There was the guy in my Calculus 3 class, who for whatever reason was so far behind he wanted me to help tutor him... for a fee of course. So I helped him out for the free liquor he used to snag from work. I would go home with grocery bags full! I don't know that I helped him out at all, but who cares (except that he ended up giving me AfterShock all the time, and I have to say that there is such thing as enough of that!) So as my mind slowly went stagnant, I promptly looked for a solution that got me out of there. You see my first, well my only choice out of High School was a bit on the pricey side, and so that is what landed me there in the first place. Now realistically, I would have gone somewhere locally, there were a few schools that really caught my eye, but as my parental units were footing the bulk of the bill, anything local meant I would become a commuter student. I certainly wasn't looking for that out of High School, and after a year of commuter, oh I mean community, college, there was no way that it was going to be an option. SO I hit the Internet and browsed schools that I had seen either on TV, or heard about. I looked locally, and even to Arizona. I sent out applications, the whole bit. The life changer came when I was thumbing through the most recent edition of Playboy. Yes, I know what you may be thinking, but stay with me for a bit. Anyway, I was thumbing through and reading the in depth articles. Ok, not to get too defensive here or mislead in any way, but Playboy really DOES have some good articles. Well, actually they have some Great articles. Interesting interviews of some incredible people, lifestyle tips which founded America's softcore version (Maxim), new fiction from either cutting edge authors or old time classic authors. Now don't get me wrong, the first few times you look at one there is a lot of page skipping, but I mean, you've got a whole month with the thing, and well I have a photographic memory. So as you can imagine, I wanted to get my money's worth. Anyway, I digress, So I was looking at the most recent issue, and they had their traditional girls of a college conference issue. This year it was the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) issue. Well, thumbed through and applied to the ones with the best looking contributions. What can I say I am male.
Long story short, I applied and got accepted to Florida State University the Mighty Seminoles. Now this might be a seemingly flimsy excuse for a college selection, but hear me out. First of all it is not like FSU isn't an excellent university, you would have to be doing something right to be the oldest site for continuing education in the state of Florida, and with that over 150 years old. I mean it is bound to happen. Besides, as I grow older (uhoh, this is where my old fart cynicism comes in) I find that there are really no great reasons to choose a college. There are all sorts of different factors, but your degree means not much more than the level of degree that it is (by the by I was a business major so that may explain things a bit). Trade/vocatioanl schools have the overall best model for education, tend to be cheaper in the long run, and do a better job of placing you in a specific career (well because you have been trained for a specific career). Now some of you that read this may think that I am down on the University system, and by no means should you read that into this. I am a huge proponent of University. It provides the most complete education available. Wait you say, doesn't that contradict what you were saying just two sentences ago? And I say no stupid, Vocational school provides the best in training and real world application (I still believe this), however, there are those of us that need several outlets for our energies. Myself, I needed Animal House, Football (well sports in general), hot girls (well, I am older so I will PC this and say beautiful people), school pride, and education/training. And it is my belief that University is the only way to diversify your education in this manner. I will not pass any further judgement between teh two so as not to alienate all of you yet (I still need to come up with some more offensive material to do that).
Back to the story, well at this point the condensed version (and believe you me, this is not teh naturally intended length of the blog, but look at the time and realize that I had to be awake before the posting to write all of this...) So I went to FSU which I will not do the indignity of explaining all of the revelations that took place there in a simple paragraph, this will be my I don't know what to blog about blog and I need to put up something new. So I went there and graduated in a couple of years (really my total college was 3 1/2 years, including community college). Since then I have many adventures that I will follow this blog up with very soon. SOrry to cut it short, but it is about that time and as I browsed the other blogs, they were slightly more condensed than this one, so I am trying to break it up more. Until next time