Friday, January 9, 2009

Te Bow or not Tebow?

Te bow or not Tebow?

(No Pirates in this one, that was stupid)

Look, let me preface this with the fact that I HATE the Gators. I mean I despise them; I don’t even drink Gatorade! They stink and I feel horrible for anyone who lives in the state of Florida right now because they are going to be impossible to live with for years to come.

That said, I am wondering what the hell is wrong with people in the NFL right now? Tebow would be a great NFL athlete and Quarterback. Why is it that people were falling over themselves to get Vince Young, but Tebow is being considered as almost undraftable? Tebow has better completion percentage, touchdown to interception ratio, more touchdowns, more passing yards, the list goes on. He won the Heisman, something that Young never did. The year that Tebow won, he had more than 20 rushing and passing touchdowns, which no one has ever done before. If he does come back next year, the Gators have to be a top 5 team and Tebow a candidate to win his second Heisman (remember on the great Archie Griffin has ever done that). Tebow is bigger than Young was. I mean the comparisons don’t stop. They both willed their teams to great victories, and without Tebow, I don’t think the Gators win the 06 title (I know it was a run away, but I think that Ohio State didn’t know what to do with him). By the way if the Gators did not have Percy Harvin on the team, Tebow already has that second one.

Look NFL teams, you guys are idiots anyway. With Quarterbacks, they are all system quarterbacks. Tom Brady is great, but would he have been great in San Francisco or Detroit? They all need tools to succeed. Grab Tebow get off your butts and make a great move! He may not pan out as a quarterback, but he will be a great athlete on your team. The thing is don’t draft him as a running back, keep him as a quarterback and let him see if he can’t do it. He will only shift to another position if he is proven to be unsuccessful. The guy will work hard and learn the skills he needs to win. Draft Tebow in the first round, you won’t regret it like the 50 past 1st rounders of which most didn’t pan out for you. TAKE HIM!!! I must admit that I am a bit selfish on this point as well because I don’t want my boys to have to play against him again next year, nor do I want the Gators to win another National Title. Regardless, this guy would be great, take him for quarterback today!

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