Monday, July 7, 2008

Mirror in the Bathroom

Since I appreciate the commendations from my first ranting and I did receive some advice from some one that I would consider a pro, I am going to diverge from this train of thought that I have advanced and start something entirely different.
The deal is that I only enjoy reminiscing, especially in such a revealing manner for times when I am "specially drunk". Anywho, I am going to try to rant more and not reminisce as much.
My current rant is one that sort of creeps me out! I have to speak out against those that have mirrors in the bathroom. I know, I know everyone has some kind of mirror in there, but...what about the ones that have a direct reflection on you while you are squatting?!? The most natural function is to "go" however, there is no need for me to video, watch, peek, scan, etc. Why do I want a mirror that can reflect my current mood while I am driving one out? Now I understand that bathrooms are one of the last facilities that are planned in a house and toilet placement part of the finality, however, there should definitely be a rule drafted about the mirrors in toilet range. Thank the gods that my current house has no such mirrors. The thing is that I might be an atypical poo-er in that I like to go in without extraneous materials, get it done and get out of Dodge! I have come to understand that some of you like to make the poo time your "personal time". I guess that I can appreciate this and maybe my argument holds less water for you. I would like to state that I believe that I am in the majority however, not based on scientific observation, but perspective and a couple of reasons.
#1 - Those toilet seats aren't comfortable in the long haul
#2 - If you are taking a shit, it smells (believe me it does regardless of your current introspective) and if it smells like mine, you want to get the hell out of there as fast as possible!
The thing is that the faces you make during private time are just that...PRIVATE. Not for your eyes only, etc, they are private and should not be revealed to anyone including themselves.